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High in the Indian Himalayan epicenter of the exiled Tibetan world, a maverick impresario stages a most un-Tibetan spectacle: a western-style beauty pageant. When a Tibetan-American teenager travels to India to participate in this “pageant with a difference,” she is forced to confront the intersection between her cultural identity and her life in the western world.

“Miss Tibet offers a unique roots-finding story that offers insight into the translation of tradition and cultural identity, a beautiful, but precarious balance.”—Bust Magazine

“A moving coming of age documentary” —Film

"This film is not just about a beauty pageant or the flamboyant Lobsang Wangyal's vision, but rather a candid exposure to the very fiber of Tibetan history, culture, religion, identity—it is a stealth activist film using a pageant ramp.

The film follows the beautiful Tenzin Khecheo examining her own growth and understanding of being a Tibetan while busy assimilating in the American culture. Tracing her personal victories and the powerful women she is today.” —Jigme Ugen, President, Tibetan National Congress

“...a film ostensibly about a beauty pageant, but truly about so much more--personal journeys, cultural identity, and the political struggle of a nation” —Carole McGranahan, University Colorado, Boulder

“[a]n incisive portrait of a younger generation of Tibetan exiles who long to embrace their ethnic identity and raise their voices in political activism, even if it means traversing a catwalk or two along the way.” —The Hollywood Reporter

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